Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Our work with Lagler:

             For those of you who do not consider yourselves savvy to the big names in wood flooring, Lagler is one of the most renowned manufactures of hardwood finishing products with its headquarters located in Frauenzimmern, Germany. We at Mansion Hill Custom Floors were privileged enough to have Jeff Rose; our co-owner, be selected as one of only twelve wood floor executives to partake in a seminar hosted by the Lagler corporation.


          Lagler was first opened in 1956 by a man by the name of Eugen Lagler. His first creation; known as the "ELF" (Eugen Lagler Frauenzimmern), was a cylinder sanding machine that proved to be revolutionary in its field due to its high level of        
efficiency. Throughout the years the company has continued to set the standard for wood floor finishing with inventions such as the Randmeister (Edge Master) or the Trio (triple edged sanding machine).
                                                                                 (One of the first "ELF's")


 Based on product quality, there is not a more credible name in all of the hardwood flooring business than that of Lagler. It is for that reason that we at Mansion Hill couldn't have been more excited when an opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at their process presented itself. Mansion Hill Custom Floors might not be the biggest name in flooring, but with Lagler brand products being used to finish all of our projects, you can be sure that the quality of our work is second to none.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   (Jeff and Karl Lagler at the Mercedes museum.) 

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