Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Renovating the Rhine District: Taft's Ale House (pictured above), is the latest of a great number of new attractions located in the Over-The-Rhine district of Cincinnati and we had the benefit of having them as one of our most interesting commercial clients. Over-The-Rhine has an extremely rich history in Cincinnati dating back to the 1830's when German immigrants populated the area and made it their own by adding unique architecture along with there own way of living. Since that time O.T.R has seen a booming economic rise followed by hard times caused by prohibition, but more recently (1970-2008) the district has been a location ridden with crime of all kinds which has driven a great number of people out of the city and into suburbs. It became apparent that the district would either have to begin to shut down or begin a resurgence, and the citizens of Cincinnati chose the latter. In 2006, Over-The-Rhine was placed on the list of the "Eleven Most Endangered Historic Places," which really was the beginning of the rebuilding project. Shops and restaurants have now begun popping up all throughout the Rhine and it is becoming one of the most scenic places to visit in Cincinnati. Putting 7,000 square feet of White Oak hardwood into Taft's Ale House was the first work that we at Mansion Hill Hardwood Floors have done in Over-The-Rhine, but were hoping that it is not our last.

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